A picture book is specifically designed for the youngest readers. They are usually made up of illustrations and text that work together to tell a story. Picture books are typically read to children rather than by them. They are intended for children who are still young enough to read and help develop their sense of storytelling, plot, and language recognition. 

Picture books are filled with illustrations because they help children better understand the story and the meaning of the words on each page. The examples provide visual cues that allow children to contextualize the story and the words they hear. They also help to strengthen a child’s observation skills, as there is often much more happening in the illustrations than is explicitly stated in the text. 

However, it is essential to note that simply knowing a picture book doesn’t necessarily mean understanding what makes a great picture book. Many elements contribute to a picture book’s success, such as word count, age range, and page count.

Here, we will touch on the characteristics of a good picture book and the values that picture books with animal characters can teach young readers. 

Characteristics of a Good Picture Book 

When you provide your child with high-quality reading materials, you promote their cognitive development, encourage independent thinking, and help them learn about the world fun and excitingly. Good books can also help young readers gain confidence, leading to a sense of joy and excitement in reading that can help create a self-motivated reader.

Illustrations also make a children’s book enjoyable, especially for young readers. They aid in capturing children’s attention and support the development of their reading skills. Choosing books with well-detailed and vibrant illustrations relevant to the story is essential.

It has been found that children who read a book featuring relatable characters become more invested and engaged in the story. It leads to greater enjoyment and promotes a love of reading. Furthermore, relatable characters promote feelings of empowerment and encourage children to take action and make a difference in the world around them.

Essential Values for Today’s Children 

Books can be an excellent way for parents to teach their children life lessons that can help them interact with others, expand their thinking, and acquire new abilities. The best part is that presenting these lessons through fun and engaging stories has a much more significant impact than discussing them directly.

Animals play a crucial role in children’s books. They offer children a sense of constancy and stability in an ever-changing and bewildering world. It is because animals tend to change less rapidly over time than humans and are part of a natural world filled with beauty and spirituality. Moreover, animals, often depicted as humans in disguise, represent human ideals to children. They are emotionally appealing and help teach children about the importance of good character and all life forms.

The best books impart valuable lifelong lessons that children may bring as they age, and love remains the greatest of all that should start with themselves. When children possess a healthy degree of self-love and self-esteem, it can significantly impact their ability to cope with hardship and recover from challenging situations, also called resilience. Individuals with high self-esteem tend to have a more positive outlook on life. They are less likely to give up when faced with setbacks and have faith in their ability to navigate difficult circumstances, including bullying and harassment.

A terrific example of a book with fantastic illustrations and critical life lessons is L.L. Lighthouse’s Ask the Animals. The book tells a touching tale that follows Lyndy Lou and April on a journey of self-discovery. After shedding tears, a willow tree sends down a leaf with an animal picture to guide them. This book is full of valuable wisdom for young readers, teaching them how to cultivate healthy relationships with others while also loving themselves.   Remember, children learn by watching. Make sure you live by the values you want them to pick up. Teach your children well using L.L.’s Ask the Animals, available on Amazon. Learn more about the author by visiting her website at https://www.lllighthouseauthor.com/.

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