Knowing we are loved and wanted helps keep us mentally strong. Animal lovers openly express empathy. Having established a grounded relationship with animals and taking them as pets or family members, they probably understand what it’s like to give and receive unconditional love, so how do we encourage little ones to embody the same values? We could start living with them as pets in our own homes. 

Having animals in a child’s life can provide many unique benefits. Animals, big or small, can offer love, teach valuable lessons, bring joy, and give a special kind of companionship to both children and adults. Raising children to show love and kindness to all sorts of animals can have a beautiful impact on them as they grow older.

This blog will share tips for parents to raise their young ones into animal lovers and compassionate adults. Here, we will look into the benefits of pet ownership and the crucial role of children’s books with animal characters like L.L. Lighthouse’s Ask the Animals.

Health Benefits of Having Pets

Most kids naturally love animals, and when they learn to care for them kindly and patiently, they can also learn invaluable lessons on treating people the same way. Growing up with pets in the house or having animals around can boost their emotional development and physical health. Apart from building great memories, it can help children become more compassionate and responsible. 

Research has shown that children who grow up in homes with pets have a lower risk of developing common allergies and asthma. Children with pets have fewer allergens. It’s been studied that early pet exposure may decrease a child’s chances of developing asthma. 

Animals offer children invaluable lessons about various life stages, along with the complex emotions that come with it. Since animals have shorter life spans than humans, they allow children to observe different phases and natural processes of their lives, including death and reproduction. All these mean so much as they grasp essential lessons about life, including its beauty and pain. 

Having pets can also be therapeutic as it curbs anxiety. Studies have shown that living with animals can help regulate one’s blood pressure and can even help those who experience PTSD, which is valid for both adults and children. 

Instilling Love and Care for Animals 

As a parent or educator of young kids, set an excellent example by showing compassion towards animals. Spending a few hours a week in a local shelter or fostering a homeless kitten or pup into your home are great examples of showing kids empathy and compassion towards animals.

In addition, plenty of books and movies which are age-appropriate for them show animals as main characters. Their stories can help children build connections with real-life animals. Whether you are reading a fun animal-related book or movie, immerse your child in all things good towards respecting their fur friends. 

Don’t forget to select excellent resource materials for your kids. Ensure they can get something relevant out of them after the reading or viewing session. Ask the Animals by L.L. Lighthouse is a beautiful book for children that features likable animals. The book teaches young children to love and accept themselves as they journey toward achieving their goals.  Take the chance and raise animal lovers with L.L. Lighthouse’s charming book. Grab a copy of Ask the Animals on Amazon. Learn more about the author by visiting her website at

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