Research has shown that children with positive reading experiences acquire larger vocabularies, become more proficient readers, and perform better academically. When choosing a book for a child, it’s important to remember that not all children will love the same books. It’s like a match-making process where getting it right, in the beginning can ignite a lifelong passion for reading. The books that remain memorable from childhood have vivid imagery, exciting stories, and interesting characters.

This blog is for all parents, guardians, and teachers. In this blog, you will learn some guidelines for choosing books that will help you find books that are right for your child. It explains what must be considered in selecting a book for children, but we shall focus on books with pets or animals as excellent choices, such as L.L. Lighthouse’s debut book Ask the Animals.

Benefits of Reading Books with Animals

Introducing kids to animals and nature through children’s books is a great way to raise awareness about the environment and the impact of human behavior on the natural world. In addition to being educational, kids’ books are also fun, with beautiful illustrations and whimsical language.

Reading featuring animals can help children experience awe and wonder, leading to greater happiness and calmness. Awe is an emotion that allows us to test our concept of time, reminding us of our small place in a grand universe and helping us be fully present in the moment. Awe-inspiring moments like seeing a rainbow, gazing up at the stars, or learning about a new animal species can profoundly impact our well-being.

Choosing a Child’s Book

If you are spending time shopping for books for your children, Michigan State University recommends these quick rules to look into as you pick the suitable tale for your little one.  

1. Choose a book that you think you will enjoy. 

2. Read the second page. 

3. Hold up a finger for each word you are unsure of or do not know. 

4. If there are five or more words you do not see, you should choose a more accessible book.

It’s essential to consider the age recommendations and educational benefits of your chosen books. As your child ages, they can handle books with paper pages and enjoy those with more considerable illustrations and lift-the-flap features, which can help them immerse themselves in the story. 

  • Books for Reading Aloud

Reading books with good rhythm and flow can be enjoyable. Use different voices for characters to enhance the experience. Choosing books with pets or animals is an excellent choice for reading aloud activities as they can offer you a chance to teach them about nature. 

  • Books with Great Pictures

Choose books that have vivid and clear imagery that supports the storyline. Opt for books that have good illustrations that correspond with the story. Wordless books can also be a great tool to develop your child’s language skills, requiring readers to interpret the images as the story progresses.

  • Books with Valuable Life Lessons

The best books have a way of teaching us things without us even realizing it, whether it’s a timeless moral like in The Monkey and the Turtle or in Charlotte’s Web. When choosing books, look for ones that deliver an important message or subtly teach essential skills like love and respect. 

An Excellent Book for Children

If you have difficulty picking a great book from the ones available today, start with L.L. Lighthouse’s Ask the Animals. It is a heartwarming adventure story about Lyndy Lou and April. The story begins when a child’s tears awaken a willow tree, which sends down a leaf with an animal picture to guide them toward self-love and acceptance. 

L.L.’s book contains beautiful pictures and valuable lessons for young readers, teaching them how to set boundaries, achieve their goals, and build healthy relationships while loving themselves. L.L. Lighthouse’s book teaches children the importance of self-love and helps nurture their social, critical, and creative thinking skills. Ask the Animals is a perfect gift for everyone, so remember to grab a copy on Amazon. You may learn more about the author by visiting her website at

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